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Leisure travel

Maxinco invites you to experience our culture and heritage, our cuisine, wine, adventure and nature. Play golf or water sports in one of the top destinations in Europe for these modalities or simply have a stroll in breathtaking historic towns and remote villages, discovering the unique cuisine that distinguishes us from other countries.

Whether you are travelling individually or in a group, we provide a complete range of leisure travel services. Our team see Portugal from a different angle, so our tailor-made programs always come as a pleasant surprise to our customer.


By Montserrat Labiaga Ferrer, CC BY 2.0

We create your memories

We have many unique experiences for you! Are you an active person and like to spend your a lot of time outdoors? Do you want to combine sports with sightseeing? Or maybe like extreme sports and high adrenaline? With us you will find what you are looking for!

Plenty to choose from

Running, horseback riding, kayaking, climbing, jumping with a parachute or maybe chess? Whatever sport you are passionate about or wish to try out we can arrange for you a unique experirnce. Get in touch, there is plenty of sports activities to choose from.

Let yourself be surprised!

The climate in Portugal is very diverse which allows you to take part in a variety of sports. You can learn surfing high waves and enjoy the beautiful weather on the beach and then the next day hike or ski in the mountains.


A comprehensive range of options

In our offer we have special programs for families with children, groups, people with disabilities as well as individual clients. We provide our services in every region of Portugal, also in Madeira and the Azores.

Find your adventure in Portugal

Do you enjoy practicing yoga in nature with a view of the ocean or rather go horseback riding or paragliding? Or maybe you want to swim with dolphins and even sharks? Yes! In Portugal, it is possible! Let us show you the best possibilities.

Let yourself be enchanted

Portugal is a very friendly, safe and hospitable country. Here you can find many ways to spend your free time. Do you need guides or instructors in extreme sports? We work with the best specialists and we are able to provide these services in any language you need.


We will teach you everything about wine

Have you heard about the wonderful Portuguese wines known throughout the world? We invite you to one of our tours where you will be able to follow the trail of Portuguese vineyards. We provide you not only tastings, with us you can learn to produce wine and get to know its history.

Noble flavor!

We are experts in organizing tours of the most beautiful wine regions of Portugal. Explore with us the most famous brand of wines from Douro, Alentejo and many others. Enjoy the best of wines on a romantic private dinner or take part in group workshops.

Enjoy the taste and landscape

We work with the best wine experts and organize both private and group lessons. The Portuguese vineyards are situated in the most picturesque settings a perfect combination to delight in the taste of the wine against the beautiful landscapes.


By Olga Pavlovsky, CC BY 2.0

We know everything about pilgrimages

Pilgrimages are one of the oldest forms of tourism in the world which are now very popular. Walking and bus pilgrimages are the most popular, more often also among youth. By participating in pilgrimage you will not only consecrate to God but also get to know other like minded people, and share the journey with them.

The holy cities

Thanks to miracles in Fatima, the city became one of the most holy places in the world. The unique atmosphere that prevails in the town makes it a destination for pilgrims from around the world, who very often come back to this magical place. Next famous pilgrimage town is Braga, situated on the north of Portugal, which is considered by many as the most beautiful city in the whole country.

The services we provide

Maxinco provides organizations of walking and bus pilgrimes in the whole Portugal as well as in Spain and other European cities. We provide accommodation, transport and special Masses for pilgrims. We work with the best and verified guides, who speak many languages and share their extensive knowledge with the participants.

Nature eco tours

Responsible tourism

Eco tours are becoming very popular. More and more people are interested in responsible tourism, getting to know places that are not destroyed by man and observing animals in their natural environment while not interfering in their lives. With such trips tourists derive from the nature a lot of positive energy which enables them to truly relax.

Explore mysterious places of Portugal

Portugal is a country with many hidden gems, not very well known places, which impress with their beauty. Here you can find caves, hidden lakes, waterfalls, interesting animals. You can also observe the stars located in the center of the region of Alentejo which is exceptional place for star-gazing.

Rest in nature

Our offer is very diverse, we can provide among others: bird watching, swimming in the waterfalls, visit to caves, photography workshops, bike tours, horse reading, observations towers. Maxinco provides original accommodation during trips, either the most interesting are tree houses loved by our customers.

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