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Incentive program Azores

Azores - The green paradise of the Atlantic

Be amazed by the natural beauty of the Azores! Organise your event in a completely different and unique destiation. Contact us for extra information.

Day 1


Pre-select one of the below:

  • Visit St. Miguel's historical city center and beaches of Ponta Delgada, by Tuk Tuk or private Jeep
  • Go to see the volcanic mountains and beautiful lakes of Sao Miguel- Lagoons of 7 cities and Fogo
  • Take a trip to the northeast and admire pure nature, cliffs and unusual vegetation


  • Dine on the beach at sundown by the campfire and take part in private party on the beach

Day 2


Choose from:

  • Visit Furnas, take a bath in the thermal pools and taste local traditional products
  • Prepare your lunch together with a local chef, cook traditional cozido underground using hot springs
  • Suggest your group unforgettable attraction! Let them play paintball!
  • Take your group to a pineapple plantation to see the unique way this fruit is grown


You may pre-select one activity or offer guests a choice of one or two:

  • Ponta Delgada Treasure Hunt - city game where your group look for treasures of Ponta Delgada
  • Invite your group to swim with dolphins!
  • Discover the islands' traditions: learn with the best chefs of the Azores how to prepare the traditional Azores liqueur


  • Dine while listening a fado or jazz concert in the center of the city
  • Visit the port and taste traditional sweets from Azores admiring the city at night

Day 3


  • Take your group on a boat trip to the Terceira Island
  • Visit the Wine Museum and taste the best wine from Azores
  • Give your group an adventure! Take a bike ride to explore undiscovered corners of the island!


You pre-select one group activity or offer your guests a choice of one or more of the following activities:

  • Get your group into the waves by learning surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing or body boarding. You can also dive with dolphins for a one-of-a-kind experience
  • Discover the island in a fun and unique way... a horseback ride
  • Suggest your group a private yacht trip and feel like a real yachtsmen!


  • Dine in a restaurant with sea view at Praia da Vitória City and learn a traditional Azores dance.

Day 4


  • Take your group on a boat trip to Pico island, one of "The Triangle Islands", located in the middle of the Atlantic
  • Walk into real lava tube, visit the famous Gruta das Torres!
  • Get to know the people of Azores! Visit Whalers Museum in a very typical local village!


You pre-select one group activity or offer guests a choice of one or more of the following activities:

  • Suggest a large dose of adrenaline and take your group for Shark Diving!
  • Take a photo with a whale! Watch whales together with professionals, who will also teach you about fish species in the ocean.
  • Relax in nature! Practice yoga in nature with beautiful views of the ocean and enjoy the silence of Atlantic ocean...


  • Dine in a typical restaurant and try fresh fish from Azores! After dinner take part in fun organised for your group by locals.

Day 5


You pre-select one group activity or offer guests a choice of one or more activities:

  • Fulfill the dreams of your group! Enjoy a bird's eye view over the island! Suggest your group to try paragliding!
  • Solve the dark mysteries of Pico Island with Sherlock Holmes activities
  • Discover the depths of the ocean! Watch unusual types of animals with the help of a professional


You pre-select one group activity or offer your guests a choice of one or more of the following:

  • An expedition to the Faial Island, let your group have fun playing Rustic Golf and enjoy a typical meal outdoors
  • Enjoy the views over the many islands at Montanha do Pico. Climb to the top of mountains. If you want to extend your adventure we can provide tents so you can spend the night in the mountain.
  • Walking tour to Criação Velha vineyards, among the Vineyard Landscape of Pico Island, a UNESCO’S World Heritage site
  • Give your group the most unforgettable views! Offer rock climbing. There are plenty of spots where your group can feel the adrenaline.


  • Dine in Restaurante A Parisiana and take your group to the original Cella Bar for a special drink
  • Cocktail Dinatoire at Aldeia da Fonte, a private village with houses built with volcanic stone. Have an unforgettable and unique evening with traditional music and special performances

5 Days / 4 Nights

Departure – all year

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